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35 original stories from the authors of Poisoned Pen Press
Edited by Diane D. DiBiase

Bound by Mystery Featuring the story "Gone Phishing" by Tim Maleeny.

Available March 7th!

A new collection of short stories from thirty-five authors to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poisoned Pen Press.

From the publisher: "This anthology celebrates our authors, their talent, and their diversity. Some have chosen to feature characters well-established within their own series-protagonists, supporting cast, and even one villain-turned-hero. Others have gone in totally different directions, inventing new characters and going dark or cozy for the first time, with chilling and delightful results. Yet as different as these authors and their stories are, they all share a common passion for finely crafted tales of crime and murder. From Greece to Italy, India to Australia, Great Britain to Canada; from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest and New Mexico to the Savannah low country, they are a community Bound by Mystery, and we are proud to present their short fiction to you for the first time ever."

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Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1464208324