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13 Stories Of Suspense And Horror
Edited by R.L. Stine

Fear Featuring the story "Ray Gun" by Tim Maleeny.

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Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror, is a collection of terrifying original stories from the hottest names in thriller writing today, including R.L. Stine (widely considered the king of children's horror writing, who edited and contributed to the collection), Meg Cabot, Heather Brewer, Tim Maleeny, Heather Graham, Alane Ferguson, Jennifer Allison, Walter Sorrells, Peg Kehret, Suzanne Weyn, Jim Rollins, F. Paul Wilson and Ryan Brown.

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Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-0142417744


"Combine a title like Fear with a name like Stine, and most readers will naturally assume this collection is filled with supernatural terrors. And for many of these 13 original stories, they would be right. Many genres are represented, and each story (including Stine's, which opens the book) offers chills, though seldom getting too gruesome. Readers seeking diverse sources of suspense will most appreciate this collection."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Thirteen highly suspenseful short stories, well selected by none other than R. L. Stine, who contributes the first tale, have the power to attract and delight many stouthearted young readers."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"It is rare for a collection of stories to maintain the same quality from beginning to end, but Fear succeeds in delivering all the suspense, terror, irony, and twisted endings that any horror addict could crave."