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Monday, February 25
Boxing The Octopus arrives this October!
Tim's long-awaited fifth novel and the fourth installment in the Cape Weathers series of mysteries is coming soon from Poisoned Pen Press. Boxing The Octopus is an irreverent tour of the underground economy and a cautionary tale about corporate corruption, sibling rivalry, and medical malpractice on a global scale. Tim's latest adventure proves that when things really get out of hand, having eight arms is better than two.

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Saturday, September 30
Tim took a break from panels, consultations and readings to hang out with fellow authors Tony Broadbent and Jacqueline Winspear at this year's Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference. Learn more about this killer conference dedicated to mastering murder and mayhem here.

Tim, Tony and Jacqueline

Friday, September 27
Tim was in conversation with the legendary Isabel Allende, one of the most prolific and influential authors writing today, with 23 books translated into 42 languages and sold to over 70 million readers around the world. Tim and Isabel spoke about writing, relationships, and the importance of crafting strong female characters. They also discussed Isabel's latest lyrical novel, In The Midst of Winter.

the chalkboard outside the store with Isabel and Tim's event Tim with Isabel in the bookstore

Thursday, September 26
At this year's Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference, Tim interviewed David Corbett about his latest book, The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday. Corbett is a maestro when it comes to character development--the people in this novel seem as real as anyone you've ever known, and their story will haunt you long after you've turned the last page.

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Tuesday, August 29
If you enjoy reading mysteries why not try writing one? The annual Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference kicks off on September 7th in the beautiful town of Corte Madera, California. Tim will return to the faculty this year along with some of the best mystery writers and indescribable scribes around, including Michael Connelly, Tony Broadbent, Joe Clifford, Cara Black, David Corbett, Jacqueline Winspear and many more. Sign up for the conference here.

Bound by Mystery Thursday, May 4
Bound By Mystery, the new anthology from Poisoned Pen Press, is getting a lot of attention from mystery fans. Read the review in Publishers Weekly and also check out the latest review from Ben Boulden at Mystery Scene Magazine, who says Tim's story "Gone Phishing" ends with "a satisfying climactic twist and an even more satisfying slice of vigilante justice."

Tuesday, March 7
A new anthology! Tim is proud to be published by Poisoned Pen Press, the renowned independent publisher and one of the largest publisher of mysteries in the world. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Tim and thirty-four other Poisoned Pen authors have contributed to a new anthology entitled Bound By Mystery, edited by the talented, tenacious and tireless Diane D. DiBiase. Read more about this incredible collection of stories and order it from the publisher here or pre-order it on Amazon here.

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Friday, May 27
Book Passage has announced this year's faculty for their legendary Mystery Writers Conference, and Tim is thrilled to be joining some of the best crime writers in the country on July 28th here.

Tuesday, March 1
Why is your taxi talking? Tim tackles the troublesome trend of insidiously invasive advertising here.

Monday, February 22
Is the man-braid proof that the global economy is in serious trouble? Well, if you thought the man-bun was worrisome, now it's time to short your stocks. Read more about our interconnected financial markets and nonsensical BRICs here.

Saturday, February 20
In the battle for president, which candidate is winning the advertising wars? It turns out Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have more in common than you might think if you look at it this way.

Thursday, February 4
Would you send your kids to a school run by Google or Apple? Increasingly people trust brands more than governments, and for good reason. Find out why here.

Wednesday, February 3
Is there a symbiotic relationship between Hollywood and the Super Bowl, or are they just throwing a hail Mary pass? Uncover these strange bedfellows here.

Saturday, January 10
Tim turns to Shakespeare and hand puppets to explain the incredible box office success of the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. In his latest article, he explores the hero's journey and reveals the true power of the force here.

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Monday, December 28
Tim explores the entrepreneurial essence of Oprah in his latest article for Fortune Magazine, demonstrating why her new book deal is so mammoth and how her story resonates across generations. Read the full article here.

Saturday, December 5
Debates about our dystopian future are settled once and for all in Tim's latest for Fortune, an essay that explains that in today's blockbuster movies and bestselling novels, our everyman protagonist is now a woman. Find out why humanity's tragic tale might have a happy ending after all here.

Sunday, November 22
Tim puts forth a challenge to internet trolls and haters everywhere is his new article for Fortune Magazine on ultimate fighting and the fickle nature of fan. Take on the challenge here.

Monday, August 31
"Is the man bun a harbinger for the stock market?"
This is no idle question as Tim tackles the troublesome tresses adorning hipsters' heads, ruminates on the world economy and ponders the fate of the Eurozone in his latest article for The Huffington Post here.

Monday, August 17
Tim's latest article for The Huffington Post suggests that experience is overrated, as he explains why so-called amateurs are dominating the worlds of politics, marketing and journalism. Maybe Oscar Wilde was right when he said, "experience is just the name we give our mistakes." See if your share Tim's contrarian perspective here.

Monday, August 3
Tim is writing a series of articles for The Huffington Post on media, marketing, and popular culture. And since it's primary season, he turns his attention to the political pugilists by asking what can a politician learn from a bottle of beer? Check out Tim's advice for presidential candidates here.

Monday, July 27
The Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference turned into one of the best weekends ever, with old friends (and great authors) getting together with new writers to trade stories. Caught in the act, here are four comrades-in-crime: David Corbett, George Fong, Don Winslow and Tim.

David Corbett, George Fong, Don Winslow and Tim Maleeny

Tuesday, July 14
The annual Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference is just a week away! Tim is delighted to once again join a faculty consisting of some of the best writers in the mystery community as they converge on Northern California for four days beginning Thursday, July 23rd. Read all about it here.

Monday, July 6
Movies, marriage and murder. Tim's award-winning short story Till Death Do Us Part is being made into a short film! This is the story that won the Macavity Award for best short story of the year. Stay tuned for more details as the production wraps.

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Tuesday, June 17
In Reference To Murder interviewed Tim in anticipation of this year's Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference, where he'll be appearing for four consecutive days of panels, readings, and mysterious mayhem. Read the complete interview and learn more about this one-of-a-kind conference here.

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Wednesday, July 25
The Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference made July a great month for contemplating murder and mayhem. Faculty and students alike concur this year's conference was far more educational than an online origami course and considerably more enjoyable than being torn asunder by a kraken. Check out what writer Charlotte Morganti had to say about her experience here.

Thursday, July 19-Sunday, July 22
Tim is once again on the faculty of the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference in sunny Corte Madera, California. A superb conference for anyone serious about publishing a crime novel. The 2012 faculty is a remarkable lineup that includes Cara Black, David Corbett, Cornelia Read, George Fong and the legendary Isabel Allende. The inimitable Don Winslow, bestselling author of Savages and one of the most compelling writers since Aeschylus, will deliver the keynote. Bring a pencil, a pad of paper and some sunscreen.

Death do us Part Wednesday, February 8
Tim's Macavity Award-winning short story "Till Death Do Us Part" has been optioned for film! The production company hopes to begin filming this year. Check back for details as the project gets underway.

Saturday, February 4
Cape Weathers is coming to England! Poisoned Pen Press is collaborating with Anthony Cheetham's new publishing venture Head of Zeus to release Tim's bestselling series of books featuring private investigator Cape Weathers and his deadly partner Sally, beginning with Stealing The Dragon. Booklist says, "The Cape Weathers novels are smart, snappily written, energetic mysteries starring an engaging hero."

Now Write! 2 0 1 1

Thursday, December 29
Interested in writing a mystery? Pick up a copy of Now Write! Mysteries, the latest in the acclaimed instructional series from Sherry Ellis and Laurie Lamson. Featuring original writing exercises from some of today's best mystery authors, it includes an essay from Tim on how to craft a killer opening line. Order a copy here and start writing!

Saturday, July 16
The Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference is next week in beautiful Corte Madera, just north of San Francisco. Tim will once again be part of the faculty, along with acclaimed mystery writers Gregg Hurwitz, Hallie Ephron, David Corbett, John Lescroart and many others. The conference begins Thursday, July 21st. Check out this year's curriculum here.

Jump Tuesday, March 1
JUMP is here in paperback! The Boston Globe says, "If you threw in the air the pages of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express and Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty, and then invited Monty Python to stitch them back together, you might end up with something like JUMP, Tim Maleeny's hilarious novel." Pick up a copy of the trade paperback at your local bookstore or order one here.

Monday, January 24
Greasing The Piñata is now available in paperback! Read the book that Library Journal called "a cracking good mystery definitely not for the faint of heart but just right for readers who like a gritty crime novel with a labyrinth of plot twists."

Wednesday, January 5
JUMP is now available for your iPad! Download the novel that Publishers Weekly called "a perfectly blended cocktail of escapism" and ForeWord Magazine called the best mystery of the year. Search for JUMP on iTunes or find it here.

Tuesday, January 4
iTunes is selling Greasing The Piñata for your iPad! Tim's twisted travelogue that was named Best Humorous Mystery of the Year has been optimized for Apple's tablet reader. Search for books by Tim Maleeny in iTunes or look here.

Monday, January 3
Stealing The Dragon is ready for your iPad! Download the award-winning novel about San Francisco's Chinatown. Search on iTunes for books by Tim Maleeny or go here.

Beating the Babushka Sunday, January 2
Beating The Babushka is getting a new cover! The new paperback edition of the Cape Weathers Investigation that Booklist called "a highly entertaining thriller" is being released by Poisoned Pen Press in a few weeks, and we got a sneak peek at the gorgeous cover art by designer Patrick Cheung.

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Saturday, December 18
The Fringe Magazine posted a great review of FEAR: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror, calling it a "collection of thirteen fabulously chilling stories from thirteen true masters of suspense." Read the full review here.

Thursday, November 4
Library Journal covers Bouchercon, the ultimate mystery fan conference, which took place this year in San Francisco. First-time attendee Teresa Jacobsen from Solano County Library delivered a great overview of the long weekend and had this to say: "Tim Maleeny (Jump) and Rachel Brady (Final Approach) were my favorite moderators for drawing out their authors and asking thought-provoking questions." Big thanks to Teresa for the kind words! Read her full dispatch here.

Sunday, October 31
"Till Death Do Us Part", Tim's award-winning story about a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, just received a nice review from the blog Thoughts of Joy. "Oh my. This was an intriguing, outside-the-box kind of story." Read the complete write-up here.

Thursday, October 28
RIF (Reading is Fundamental), an organization that has helped kids discover the magic of reading for more than a generation, hosted their first Halloween reading event in New York. Tim joined four other authors that contributed to the newly released anthology FEAR: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror, including editor R.L. Stine. Half the proceeds from FEAR support RIF, and the other half supports International Thriller Writers. To see photos and interview excerpts from the event, click here.

Monday, October 25
VOYA, the library magazine for young readers, had some nice things to say about FEAR, the latest anthology to feature one of Tim's stories. "To most people, geckos are just cute little lizards, but the hero of Tim Maleeny's story, "Ray Gun", learns that a very nasty alien can disguise itself in a tiny green body. It is rare for a collection of stories to maintain the same quality from beginning to end, but Fear succeeds in delivering all the suspense, terror, irony, and twisted endings that any horror addict could crave." Read the full review and learn more about Voya here.

Friday, October 1
FEAR is here! The new anthology for young readers is now available. FEAR: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror, edited by master of the macabre R.L. Stine and featuring Tim Maleeny's story "Ray Gun". FEAR also features stories from some of today's best writers of suspense, including Jennifer Allison, Ryan Brown, and Suzanne Weyn. Half the proceeds from this collection will benefit Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Read more about it here.

Jump Tuesday, June 1
JUMP is the 2009 Mystery Book of the Year according to ForeWord Magazine! Tim's standalone novel took the gold medal in the magazine's annual book of the year awards in the mystery category, recently announced at BEA in New York. Learn more here.

Monday, May 10
JUMP is a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award given by the Independent Book Publisher Association (IPBA). Robin Burcell's great novel The Bone Chamber also made the list. The award ceremony takes place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on May 24. See the complete list of finalists here.

Monday, March 15
JUMP has been shortlisted for Book of the Year in the mystery category by ForeWord Magazine! Mark Coggins made the list for his terrific novel The Big Wake-up, and Reed Farrel Coleman and Ken Bruen are nominated for their powerful collaboration Tower from Busted Flush Press. Winners will be announced at BEA in May.

Sunday, March 14
Tim attended the Tucson Festival of Books, where he teamed up with Sophie Littlefield and Juliet Blackwell to run a workshop on finishing your novel. Big thanks to festival organizers and also to Chris Acevedo from Clues Unlimited, the deadliest bookstore in Tucson!

Saturday, March 13
Tim attended the Left Coast Crime conference in LA, where he moderated a raucous panel called "Sex and the Author." Panelists included authors Eric Stone, JT Ellison and the inimitable Christa Faust, who kept the sparks flying. To see what you missed, check out Christa's blog here, where she says of Tim's moderating skills: "That boy gives good panel." Coming from Christa that is high praise indeed...

Monday, February 22
"JUMP is a stunning book," according to Diana's review for Cozy Library and Mystery News. She says JUMP is "not at all my usual cup of (herb) tea, but once the story engaged me, I found it very difficult to put down. The writing is top-notch, the omniscient third-person narrator delightful all by himself—with some of his humor subtle, some laugh-out-loud." Read her review and visit the Cozy Library here.

Monday, February 8
Beating The Babushka gets reviewed over at Mack Captures Crime, saying: "I've enjoyed the plotting, characters, writing, and humor of the two Cape Weathers novels and Tim Maleeny is on my I'll-read-anything-he-writes list." A big thanks to Mack for picking up the book, and also for declaring his admiration for The Fifth Element and The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai, two of the greatest films ever made. Read the complete review of Babushka here.

Monday, January 18
Bruce Grossman, curator of Bookgasm, had this to say about Tim's standalone novel JUMP: "Maleeny takes on his Agatha Christie persona for this solid mystery that harkens back to the days of Poirot and Marple, just with a big bang and a bigger body count. Read about Bookgasm's 2009 favorites here.

Monday, January 11
Greasing The Piñata made another top ten list for 2009! Rochester Writing Examiner called it a "fun, witty mystery that will leave you wanting more." Check out the full list here.

Monday, January 4
Tim was interviewed over at Novel Journey by S. Dionne Moore, who asked about the road to publication, finding a premise, and pitching your book. Read the full interview here.

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Monday, December 21
Still shopping? The Jungle Red Writers have suggestions for the mystery lovers on your list. A big thanks to Hallie Ephron for naming JUMP as one of her favorites of 2009. And don't forget to add Hallie's outstanding standalone thriller Never Tell A Lie to your own wish list. Happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 2
JUMP is one of the Top Ten Mysteries of 2009 according to the intrepid booksellers at The Mystery Bookstore! A special Brobdingnagian-sized thanks to Stephen, friend to crime writers everywhere, for making JUMP one of his top picks. Check out all the top ten lists from The Mystery Bookstore here.

Monday, July 26
JUMP has hit the San Francisco Chronicle's Bestseller list for the week ending July 26, coming in at number 8. Tim's comedic thriller is in great company, landing in the top ten between Michael Connelly and Lisa See. Thanks to everyone in the Bay Area who picked up a copy of JUMP this Summer!

Saturday, July 25
Over at The Big Thrill webzine, Tim was interviewed by acclaimed writer Clare Langley-Hawthorne about his novel JUMP, the path to getting published, and how writing a standalone differs from tackling a series. Read the interview here.

Friday, July 24
Uncage Me is now available! The new anthology of transgressive fiction edited by the infamous Jen Jordan is finally in bookstores. Tim's story "Prisoner Of Love" appears in the section called Lie To Me (Or Lie To Yourself). Test your limits and push your boundaries by reading this book cover to cover. Unless you offend easily, in which case just read the introduction by John Connolly. But buy this book, you'll feel subversive just carrying it around.

Thriller 2, Stories You Just Can't Put Down Monday, July 20
Thriller 2, Stories You Just Can't Put Down has a new cover design for the UK edition. This blockbuster anthology edited by Clive Cussler features stories by Jeffery Deaver, Ridley Pearson, David Hewson, Lisa Jackson and many others, including Tim's story "Suspension of Disbelief." Anglophiles, pre-order the UK edition here.

Sunday, June 28
Hallie Ephron of The Boston Globe recommends JUMP as a great beach read! "If you threw in the air the pages of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express'' and Elmore Leonard's "Get Shorty,'' and then invited Monty Python to stitch them back together, you might end up with something like JUMP, Tim Maleeny's hilarious novel." Ephron is an acclaimed author, writing teacher, and book critic for The Boston Globe. Read her full review and learn about the other fun summer reads here.

Sunday, June 28
Bookreporter calls JUMP "a book that is part Leonard, part Westlake, and all Maleeny." Veteran reviewer Joe Hartlaub concludes, "from beginning to end, JUMP goes down smoother than an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista while providing the same kick, and then some. Don't miss this one." Visit Bookreporter and read the full review here.

Tuesday, June 23
Mystery Book News reports that Mysterious Reviews has called JUMP "one of the most entertaining mysteries to be published this year, and is a perfect reading companion this summer." The review adds "there are several remarkable aspects to Jump, from an extraordinary cast of characters to Maleeny's rapid-fire narrative style to a deftly plotted story that has a familiar ring to it yet feels uncommonly new." Check out Mystery Book News and read the full review here.

Monday, June 15
Tim has joined the virtual panel Criminal Minds, conceived by Kelli Stanley. A weekly panel discussion with Shane Gericke, Rebecca Cantrell, CJ Lyons, Sophie Littlefield and Gabriella Herkert. Bookmark the blog and check out Tim's musings about the greatest villain of all time here.

Tuesday, June 9
Bruce Grossman reviews Jump over at Bookgasm, the site to find reading material to get excited about. "Maleeny seems to have a lot of fun coming up with a floor full of colorful characters. His writing comes alive while reading, so you can easily visualize these people and their situations. The funny thing about the landlord's murder is that it takes a backseat to all the other action, which is just fine by me, because it was just a setup for the truly great ride to begin with." Visit Bookgasm and read the full review here.

Friday, May 29
ForeWord Magazine featured Jump for their review of the day, saying, "This is one hilarious yarn, even though bloodshed begins with the first sentence. The initial spurt of gore emanates from Ed Lowry, a loathsome San Francisco landlord who has either fallen or been pushed from the top of the building that houses one of the most bizarre collection of tenants since One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest." The review concludes, "Maleeny has a winning formula with this one." Read the full review here.

Greasing the Pinata Thursday, May 28
Greasing The Piñata won the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Mystery of the year published by an independent press. Learn more about the Indie Book Awards here.

Wednesday, May 27
"Anything can happen in Mexico and in a book by Tim Maleeny," according to prolific reviewer Teri Davis in her recent review of Greasing The Piñata. She added, "Considering that this is the third Cape Weathers book, this book can easily stand alone since I was completely immersed in this novel without knowledge of the previous books." Visit her site to read the full review here.

Sunday, May 24
Tim joined the talented crew over at Type M For Murder to guest blog for the day. A big thanks to Vicki Delany for the generous invitation to be a part of this great site.

Friday, May 22
Congratulations to the winners of the Bookgasm contest: Keith Rawson of Gilbert, Arizona; Geoff Schilz of Minneapolis; and Kenny Treger of Buffalo, New York will each be receiving a signed hardcover of Jump sometime this week. Congrats!

Thursday, May 21
Greasing The Piñata is recommended reading, according to Dale Jellings, cyber provocateur and John Prine fan. He also had nice things to say about Stealing The Dragon and Beating The Babushka, calling detective Cape Weathers "sort of Fletch crossed with Spenser." Read the reviews here.

Wednesday, May 20
Contest! Bookgasm, the review site where you can find "reading material to get excited about", is holding a contest for three signed copies of Jump. Sign up to win here.

Tuesday, May 19
Over at Fresh Fiction, reviewer Tanzey Cutter called Jump "another great book by the talented Maleeny," adding "multiple suspects make this unique whodunit intense, interesting and a great read!" Read the whole review here.

Monday, May 18
With Father's Day around the corner, a big thanks to Jenni at Lilac City Rochester Writers for recommending Greasing The Piñata as a fun read for Dad. "If the man in your life enjoys a good mystery, then I'd go with Greasing The Piñata by Tim Maleeny." More great suggestions for Father's Day reads can be found here.

Sunday, May 17
The NorCal chapter of Sisters In Crime invited Tim for "tea and poison" as their guest speaker. He talked about poisons, research, and his Macavity Award-winning story "Till Death Do Us Part." Then he proceeded to give himself a stomach ache from drinking too much tea and eating far too many scones, none of which were actually poisoned (according to the lovely mastermind behind the event, Dana Fredsti). Read more about it here.

Stealing the Dragon Tuesday, May 12
Stealing The Dragon has a beautiful new cover for the trade paperback edition coming from Poisoned Pen Press this September. Many thanks to designer Patrick Hoi Yan Cheung, who also created the gorgeous covers for Greasing The Piñata and Jump.

Monday, May 11
Uncage Me, the latest anthology edited by Jen Jordan, got a strong review from Publishers Weekly, and Tim's story got a nice mention. "Tim Maleeny's story Prisoner of Love not only features twists and betrayals but manages to make an ambiguous resolution satisfying rather than frustrating." Read the full PW review here.

Thursday, April 30
Library Journal reviewed Tim's forthcoming novel Jump and came to this conclusion: "Fast-paced, rollicking humor and characters right out of a—well, a 1930s Agatha Christie country house mystery—make this one of the best from the award-wining author of the Cape Weathers series." Read the full review here.

Wednesday, April 29
Tim questions the politically correct double-talk coming at us from all sides in a provocative post on Inkspot. Read Newspeak to learn about the latest euphemisms being deployed in the government's war on plain speaking.

Saturday, April 25
The talented team of writers behind Killzone invited Tim to blog about the state of the publishing industry in a piece called Looking Backwards. Ever wonder how vampires and zombies took over the world of books? Read this post.

Monday, April 20th
Publishers Weekly reviewed Tim's upcoming stand-alone novel Jump, saying "we're firmly on darkly comic terra Hiaasen. Fast-paced and funny, this is a perfectly blended cocktail of escapism, with or without the beach towel." Read the entire PW review here.

Friday, April 17th
The cover art for Greasing The Piñata was nominated for a New Covey Cover Award for "most eye-catching cover." Congratulations to designer Patrick Hoi Yan Cheung, who has made so many recent Poisoned Pen Press covers so beautiful.

Thriller 2 Thursday, March 26th
The cover for Thriller 2 has been released. Tim's story "Suspension of Disbelief" appears in this all-star anthology edited by Clive Cussler, coming June 2009 from Mira Books. The collection features an amazing lineup of today's top thriller writers, including Ridley Pearson, Jeffery Deaver, Lisa Jackson, Carla Neggers and many more. Read all about Thriller 2 in the BOOKS section here.

Tuesday, March 24th
SciFi Bookie clearly enjoyed Stealing The Dragon. Thanks to Shiva for tracking down a copy and posting this great review here. Definitely bookmark this site if you want to know what's hot in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and mystery.

Wednesday, March 11th
Greasing The Piñata has won The Lefty Award for best humorous mystery of the year! Tim accepted the award at Left Coast Crime in Hawaii. Big thanks to all the attendees of LCC and congratulations to all the nominees. For more information on The Lefty and Left Coast Crime, click here.

Thursday, March 5th
Tim returns to Mysterious People to expound on the virtues of being a pack rat and why writers should never throw away anything.

Monday, March 2nd
Mysterious People asked Tim about writing, reviews, the state of publishing and Greasing The Piñata. A big thanks to author Jean Henry Mead for creating a site dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the authors who write them.

Saturday, February 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! Tim will have a new short story about relationships complicated by crime in Uncage Me, an anthology edited by Jen Jordan for Bleak House Books. As the Spring catalog describes it, the anthology will feature "new stories from Scott Phillips, Allan Guthrie, Christa Faust, Victor Gischler, J.A. Konrath, J.D. Rhoades, Declan Burke, Brian Azzarello, Steven Torres, Stewart Macbride, Simon Kernick, Patrick Bagley, Greg Bardsley, Stephen Blackmore, Tim Maleeny, Nick Stone, Martyn Waites, Talia Berliner, Maxim Jakubowski, Gregg Hurwitz, Blake Crouch, and more! As if all of that wasn't enough, there's an introduction by New York Times best selling author John Connolly." Jen Jordan is the fiction editor for Crimespree Magazine and the evil genius behind the anthology Expletive Deleted.

Wednesday, February 4th
Greasing The Piñata is "an intriguing political thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat," says reviewer Leslie Story on Rebecca's Reads, the site dedicated to spreading the word about great books. "This is definitely a must read for those that enjoy a story that has so many twists and turns that you feel like you are on a rollercoaster and aren't sure what is around the next corner." Check out the rest of the site and read the full review here.

Friday, January 23rd
Greasing The Piñata has been shortlisted for the prestigious Lefty Award. The winner will be announced at Left Coast Crime in Hawaii. Thanks to all who nominated the book—see you on the Big Island in March!

Thursday, January 15
Greasing The Piñata was a Top Ten Bestseller for December, according to the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. A big thanks to all the great independent bookstores for their support! The complete bestseller list from IMBA can be found here.

Wednesday, January 14
I Love A Mystery says, "You will definitely be rewarded by Greasing The Piñata." Read the review by mystery maven Paul Anik here.

Monday, January 12
Bookloons enjoy Greasing The Piñata! (Only in publishing could you write a sentence like that.) Their recent review says "Greasing The Piñata moves at a fast clip with enough action to please anyone's desire to live vicariously. Cape Weathers is a fun, new protagonist with more courage than is good for him and a keen sense of humor." Read the full review here.

Friday, January 9
The book trailer for Greasing The Piñata is now available! Watch it from our homepage or visit YouTube here. Watch it, share it, post it. Muchas gracias to Doug Cox for his awesome creative and editorial talents.

Thursday, January 8
"Cape Weathers and his sidekick Sally are back!" declares Sons Of Spade, the blog known for spotlighing the fictional PI. "That means lots of witty banter, colorful characters, almost pulp-style action and a good ride." Kudos to Jochem Van Der Steen for calling out the "vampire-like" characteristics of the character known as Priest. You can read the full review here.

Wednesday, January 7
Booklist reviewed Greasing The Piñata and concluded "The Cape Weathers novels are smart, snappily written, energetic mysteries starring an engaging hero." Visit Booklist Online here.

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Friday, December 19
Voracious reader and prolific reviewer Harriet Klausner says Greasing The Piñata is "a fast-paced tale starring a terrific lead detective supported by a kick butt Asian partner battling against realistic killers." To read her full review visit Genre Go Round Reviews by clicking here.

Thursday, December 18
Author, blogger, teacher, and avid reader Julia Buckley interviewed Tim for her blog Mysterious Musings, demanding that he explain his bizarre titles, twisted plots and childhood inspirations. To read the complete interview click here.

Wednesday, December 17
"Picking up a Tim Maleeny novel is like walking into your favorite offbeat restaurant, one where the menu is a bit different every day but always reliably wonderful, entertaining and memorable." So say the mavens over at Bookreporter who recently reviewed Greasing The Piñata. To read the entire review click here.

Tuesday, December 9
Over at Bookgasm, the site focused on "reading material to get excited about," it seems they're pretty excited about Greasing The Piñata. Read the review here.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Tuesday, November 11
If you want to read Tim's short story Hardboiled, the January 2009 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is now on sale at a bookstore or newstand near you. Thanks to brother in crime Kieran Shea for spotting it first. And if you want to read a review of this story, visit the book review site Gravetapping.

Monday, November 3
Stealing The Dragon is now available on Kindle! The wireless reading device that Oprah loves now allows you to explore the back alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown and live to tell about it. Downloading the book takes less than a minute, so what are you waiting for?

Saturday, November 1
Men Of Mystery, the perennial event created by Joan Hansen, was great fun this year, with fifty authors and over 500 attendees. Special thanks to Jere Millington for hosting Tim and keeping him out of trouble throughout the day, no easy task under the best of circumstances.

Wednesday, October 20
Tim got grilled over at Crime Always Pays by Declan Burke, author of the year's coolest caper The Big O. Check it out!

Wednesday, October 1
Early reviews are coming in for Greasing The Piñata...
Publishers Weekly says "Maleeny smoothly mixes wry humor and a serious plot without sacrificing either in his third Cape Weathers mystery."
Library Journal calls it a "cracking good mystery" and suggest that Piñata is "Definitely not for the faint of heart but just right for readers who like a gritty crime novel with a labyrinth of plot twists."

Thursday, September 18
Hear Tim read one of his short stories on the infamous podcast CRIMEWAVE, produced by the unstoppable Seth Harwood, broadcasting pioneer and author of the terrific novel Jack Wakes Up. If you're an audio book fan and want to hear original crime fiction short stories, check out Crimewave online and also on iTunes.

Stealing the Dragon Thursday, August 21
Stealing The Dragon is now available in French! So for those of you tired of practicing your high school francais by reading Madeline, you can now crack open a copy of Le Vol Du Dragon. Order it here or request it from one of the many fine bookstores across Quebec and France.

Wednesday, June 25
Stealing The Dragon has been shortlisted for the Macavity Award for Best First Novel of 2007, along with four other great books. The award will be announced at the opening ceremonies at Bouchercon in October. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 10
Stealing The Dragon has been shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the IPPY Award. This award is the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Award for the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category.

Wednesday, April 2
Stealing The Dragon was named one of the best first novels of 2007 by Crimespree Magazine. The well-deserved top honor for best first novel went to Sean Chercover for his amazing debut Big City, Bad Blood. The other must-read titles on the shortlist included The Blade Itself by Marcus Sakey, Head Games by Craig McDonald, and On The Ropes by Tom Schrek. Congratulations all around!

Tuesday, March 4
Tim's short story Hardboiled will be appearing in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine later this year. Check back for updates on which issue of EQMM will feature this new story.

Tuesday, March 3
Tim will be on the faculty for the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference again this year, June 26 - 29 in Corte Madera, California, just north of San Francisco. This is a remarkable conference for anyone serious about writing and publishing crime fiction. Other 2008 faculty members include David Hewson, Jacqueline Winspear, John Lescroart, Cara Black and David Corbett, along with many other top writers.

Friday, February 22
Plots With Guns is back! The infamous crime-zine has been resurrected by editor-writer-instigator Anthony Neil Smith. Check out the premier issue, which features a new story by Tim called The Pride Of Master Ling along with stories by Stephen Blackmoore, Kieran Shea, Greg Bardsley, Matthew Louis, William Boyle, Jeremiah Granden and Justin Porter.

Wednesday, January 9
Stealing The Dragon has been shortlisted for the Rocky Award! This award is given at the Left Coast Crime convention to the Best Mystery of 2007 "set in the Left Coast Crime geographical region," which is basically the western U.S. Stealing The Dragon was also nominated for the Arty Award for best cover art. Voting will take place at Left Coast Crime in Denver, March 6-9, where the winners will be announced. A huge thanks to everyone who nominated Stealing The Dragon as their favorite. See you in Denver! You can learn more about Left Coast Crime and the other great books nominated for these awards here.

Monday, January 7
Tim has been elected Vice President of Mystery Writers Of America, Northern California Chapter. To learn more about MWA or the Norcal chapter, click here.

Beating the Babushka Wednesday, January 2
Happy New Year! The amazing folks at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop announced that both Stealing The Dragon and Beating The Babushka were among their top bestsellers for the year 2007. Thanks to everyone at this incredible bookstore (on both sides of the counter) for all your support.

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Monday, December 17
Beating The Babushka made the Independent Mystery Booksellers top ten bestseller list for the second month in a row! Big thanks to the staff at all these mystery bookstores. Check out the full list of bestsellers for November or find a bookstore near you here.

Tuesday, December 4
Seattle Mystery Bookshop announced their bestsellers for November, and both Stealing The Dragon and Beating The Babushka made the list! Thanks to everyone at the Northwest's greatest mystery bookstore for all their support this year. Read all about it here and then shop their site.

Tuesday, November 27
Bobby at The Mystery Bookstore in LA has named Stealing The Dragon one of the Top Ten Books for 2007. The list includes some great books by authors such as Robert Crais, Theresa Schwegel, Megan Abbott, Peter Spiegelman and John Connolly, among others. Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 20
Clute and Edwards, the genre geniuses behind the popular podcast Behind The Black Mask, interviewed Tim for their latest episode. The conversation ranged from how to write great chapter openings to the brilliance of The Big Lebowski. Visit Behind The Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed to hear a host of writers such as Max Allan Collins and Megan Abbott talk about how and why they write mysteries.

Tuesday, November 13
Tim has two books on October's bestseller list as reported by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. Beating The Babushka was ranked number one and Stealing The Dragon came in at number six! Huge thanks to all the independent booksellers who have been so supportive of this series. Read all about it here.

Thursday, September 27
"Till Death Do Us Part" has won the 2007 Macavity Award for best short story! The award was presented at the opening ceremonies of Bouchercon by Janet Rudolph on behalf of Mystery Readers International.

Wednesday, July 4
Tim's short story "Till Death Do Us Part" has been nominated for the Macavity Award! This story was featured in Death Do Us Part, the anthology edited by Harlan Coben.

Sunday, July 1
Tim's short story "The Weight" is running in this month's Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, the July / August double issue. Check out the great artwork created for this story about the limits of friendship and the incredible burden of being a cop.

Monday, March 19
Stealing The Dragon has been named a Killer Book of the Month by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA). Thanks to Barbara Peters from The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ for the nomination. Stealing the Dragon

Wednesday, March 14
An article about how the amazing cover art for Stealing The Dragon was developed is now posted on The Big Thrill, the online magazine from ITW, the International Thriller Writers.

Sunday, March 11
Tim read from Stealing The Dragon and signed books for some very nice people at Book Passage in Corte Madera. Special thanks to Reese for an incredible introduction.

Wednesday, March 7
Fellow Midnight Ink author Mark Terry interviewed Tim on his blog This Writing Life and was also kind enough to review Stealing The Dragon.

Monday, March 5
Midnight Ink author and blogger, Julia Buckley, had some fun interviewing Tim for her blog Mysterious Musings.

Friday, March 2
David J. Montgomery—fiction writer, reviewer for the Chicago Sun-Times, editor of Mystery Ink and blogger at Crime Fiction Dossier - has written a review of Stealing The Dragon which you can read here.

Thursday, March 1st
STEALING THE DRAGON is released, from Midnight Ink.

Sunday, February 18
Today's appearance at 'M' is for Mystery was a great event, according to the store's owner, Ed Kaufman. Tim and Peter Spiegelman were interviewed by Keith Raffel, moderator extraordinaire and author of Dot Dead. Some friends were in the audience, including Edgar-nominated Cornelia Read and David Corbett, author Blood Of Paradise. A wonderful day. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Tuesday, February 6th
STEALING THE DRAGON is the February featured title at The Poisoned Pen, the definitive mystery lovers' bookstore. To read their review click here and scroll down the page. To order from The Poisoned Pen, visit their website or call 888 560-9919.

Monday, February 5th
STEALING THE DRAGON was just reviewed by Bookgasm, that great site "dedicated to reading material to get excited about." Read the full review by clicking here.

Sunday, February 4th
Making a short detour around the corner and down the hill from Left Coast Crime, Tim signed copies of STEALING THE DRAGON at Seattle Mystery Bookshop on February 4th as part of their Cavalcade of Authors. The store is amazing and Tim was in good company, appearing with authors David Corbett, Louise Ure, Cara Black, Kit Ehrman, Colin Campbell, Camille Minichino, and Rita Lakin, among others. And the best news of all, the bookshop sold all their copies of STEALING THE DRAGON and is ordering more. To virtually visit The Seattle Mystery Bookshop click here.

Tim's short story The Weight will be published in an upcoming issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. The Weight is the story of a cop, his ex-partner, and the immeasurable toll of carrying a badge. (Keep checking for updates on the cover date.)

DEATH DO US PART is now available! The new anthology from Mystery Writers of America edited by Harlan Coben is now in bookstores. Tim wrote the title story for this amazing collection, which includes stories by Lee Child, Laura Lippman, Ridley Pearson, R.L. Stine and Tom Savage.

Midnight Ink, an imprint of Llewellyn Publications, has scheduled STEALING THE DRAGON for a February 2007 release. STEALING THE DRAGON is the first in an ongoing series featuring detective Cape Weathers and his deadly companion Sally. BEATING THE BABUSHKA, the second novel in the series, will be available October 2007.